Brooke Cobb is Kirkwood's current Ministry Intern. Brooke has accepted to the Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) 2018-2019 Program, a one year faith-based service program for young people ages 19-23 years old. Here's a little bit more about Brooke and what she will be doing as a YAV:

My name is Brooke Cobb I am 23 years old. I have been blessed with the opportunity to be the Ministry Intern at Kirkwood Church, my home church, for Spring 2018 under Pastor Hope. I am learning so many different aspects of work in ministry. Through this internship at Kirkwood, I also felt God calling me to give Him a year of service this next year, even though I didn't quite know what that looked like at the time. 

A short time later, Pastor Hope presented the Young Adult Volunteer Program to me. After applying, I was accepted and assigned to Chinook, Montana! I will be leaving on August 20th to start my journey as a Young Adult Volunteer, and for the next year will be living in Chinook, Montana. I will have the opportunities to work with a preschool, as well as tutoring students in elementary and high school. I will also gain valuable experience while leading youth groups and spending time with the senior citizens in Chinook. 

I can't wait to take advantage of this awesome opportunity to continue to grow in my faith and prepare for my life in ministry. I need to raise $4,000, I have a deadline to raise $2,000 by July 1st. My final $2,000 is due by January 1st. Thank you so much for praying for me. Anyone able to help me out financially is also a blessing to me. I appreciate my church family and friends supporting me as I take this next step in service to Jesus Christ!

To make a donation to support Brooke Cobb, please click on the "MAKE A DONATION" button below. You will be taken to the Kirkwood online donation webpage. Please click and pull down the "SELECT A FUND" menu, and select "SPECIAL GIFT OFFERING".  In the "MEMO" section, please type in "BROOKE COBB YAV". Then please fill in and complete the rest of the sections to help Brooke reach her fundraising goals.

You can also send a check to help support Brooke. Please make the check out to "Kirkwood Church" and put "Brooke Cobb YAV" in the memo line. Please send the check to:

Kirkwood Church

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